Just a Little Bit

Baby steps are what I have been taking. Can’t believe so much time has passed since my first post.

I started out with a yoga pose here and another there. I could feel how out of shape I’ve become and how much flexibility I have lost. It was a bit discouraging to find I wasn’t able to do many poses as deeply as before.

Opportunity then knocked on my door. One night, when everyone was asleep and I was waiting to complete another step on a project. I thought about how to pass the time. At one a.m. you can’t really make much noise. I thought about the shows I had recorded. Then I realized what a great time to try one of the yoga shows I recorded. It was wonderful. I forgot how much I enjoy doing yoga at night. I felt pretty good afterwards.

I finished my project and went to bed. Slept like a rock and felt so good when I woke. Little steps. One a at a time. I now know my goal. I will get there. One small step at a time.

The Journey Began

Or so I thought.  The plan was loosely laid out in my mind. Yes I know they say to write it down but that would be another piece of paper to misfile. There was a wonderful feeling knowing I would now attempt to do something I once so enjoyed.

Best laid plans as the saying goes. I did not come home after the school drop off and do yoga before sitting down to do work. There was always something. Although one night, after everyone had gone to bed except me, as I waited for a crafting project to dry I wondered what I should do. Find a good movie on TV? Read? Then I realized, I still hadn’t done any yoga. So onto the PVR I went and put on one of the yoga shows I had recorded.  As I went through the motions every muscle and joint asked me what on Earth I was doing. I kept going knowing that soon it would pass. A third of the way through I started to relax and it felt better. The tension I felt was still there but was very, very slowly releasing. I started to think back to the class I used to take and imagined I was there instead of my cluttered living room. That seemed to help a bit as well. Once I was done the video and had finished the project I went to bed and slept wonderfully.  When I got up in the morning I truly remembered another reason I so enjoyed that evening class.

Then summer arrived and school was out. That was it for the yoga again. Other than the small stretches that I did while with little ones or prepped dinner or right before bed. Time with little ones overrides a lot of things in life for me as they don’t stay little forever and the time with them is short when they are in school.  I would look at the video titles on the PVR and think I will do this, I will get there.

School is now back in session. The first Pro-D day has come and gone. Now to get back in the swing of the school, work, house and family schedule. Now to really try again to schedule time for yoga. Hmmm, it’s 5 am, I’ve been up all night getting things done while everyone sleeps. I guess this would have been a good time to do yoga. A few stretches now and revamp the schedule later today.

I will get this journey started….. one baby step at a time.