Just a Little Bit

Baby steps are what I have been taking. Can’t believe so much time has passed since my first post.

I started out with a yoga pose here and another there. I could feel how out of shape I’ve become and how much flexibility I have lost. It was a bit discouraging to find I wasn’t able to do many poses as deeply as before.

Opportunity then knocked on my door. One night, when everyone was asleep and I was waiting to complete another step on a project. I thought about how to pass the time. At one a.m. you can’t really make much noise. I thought about the shows I had recorded. Then I realized what a great time to try one of the yoga shows I recorded. It was wonderful. I forgot how much I enjoy doing yoga at night. I felt pretty good afterwards.

I finished my project and went to bed. Slept like a rock and felt so good when I woke. Little steps. One a at a time. I now know my goal. I will get there. One small step at a time.

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Years ago I started my journey into the world of yoga. I took a yoga class with a friend to help with an injury. It was because of the third teacher that guided this class that I began to embrace yoga and enjoy it for all it had to offer. That teacher helped to change my life in many ways. Then life changed with the pending arrival of my child. Oh how it changed and the activity that I enjoyed took a back seat. Now I am hoping to start my journey into the world of yoga again. This time on my own.

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