Time Flies

Wow, April already! Time flies! There are so many unfinished posts in here it’s rather embarrassing.  Maybe with Mercury Retrograde upon us I will be able to finish them up and have them post in order. Ya right! 😮

Many of the baby steps I was looking to implement have come to fruition. Thankfully! I now try to do a good power walk once per week (even if it’s on a treadmill) and I finally found a yoga class that I enjoy again.  Although I miss my instructor from years ago, her studio is now too far away to do her morning class. 🙁  I am happy to have found another great instructor.

This new instructor is very in tune with those who are in the class and does a wonderful class.  Originally it was a good ‘workout’ class so to speak and I would leave invigorated and energized like someone had put several D batteries in my body or plugged my into the electric socket.  Then she tried a more relaxing stretch kind of class as a few of us needed it that week.  What a difference!  I left feeling so relaxed, calm, focused and just centered. I went through my day and accomplished so much more than usual and didn’t feel scattered by the end of it. I also had several ‘aha’ moments in the day and was able to deal with a challenging situation without getting worked up.  It was an amazing feeling that I haven’t had in a very long time.

Here I thought I needed an energizing class to revitalize myself and work out the stress and frustrations in my life.  How wrong I was!  If you think the way I did and haven’t tried a class like this you should! I am looking forward to the next class.

I also needed to start doing some relaxation and meditation times.  This was off to a good start and into a bit of a routine.  Then life started getting in the way.  It’s time to really get life back in order. Carve out that routine again. Ah, a challenge. Back to the baby steps.

Japanese zen garden in black sand with stone of believeThat’s all for now.  Let’s see if I can get this back to a routine too.
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Years ago I started my journey into the world of yoga. I took a yoga class with a friend to help with an injury. It was because of the third teacher that guided this class that I began to embrace yoga and enjoy it for all it had to offer. That teacher helped to change my life in many ways. Then life changed with the pending arrival of my child. Oh how it changed and the activity that I enjoyed took a back seat. Now I am hoping to start my journey into the world of yoga again. This time on my own.

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